The impact of corona virus on events, arts & culture, entertainment


In the first quarter of 2020, we experienced a different kind of world-shaking event: the global pandemic called COVID-19.
The events industry has found that 72% of organizers had to cancel or postpone their events that year, with other 50% moving their events online.

Redeocol music Lounge is an events oriented company. The rod did not spare us, we were heavily affected by the scourge too and we have not been operating at 100% capacity.

survival of the fittest

Right now, events businesses are desperately struggling to stay afloat and the events arena has become a “survival of the fittest” as the events and venue-hire industry in South Africa has been one of the hard-hit industry by the impact of the Covid19 restriction measures.

Apparently, this is a devastating blow for exhibitions, events, and the entertainment industry due to Covid-19. A good saddening example is that of the Ticketpro Dome, which is permanently shutting down due to inability to do events which brings revenue and now with the restrictions and social distancing measures still in place, the management of one of Gauteng’s biggest events centre cannot keep up neither can they continue absorbing the costs of rentals and the venue’s maintenance.– the Ticketpro Dome has been unable to operate,” it said.


Alternatively, businesses have resorted to hosting events online and broadcasting it live streaming which has become a feasible option to many businesses trying to stay afloat. This brings diversity and agility, enabling customers to adopt to change as well as shift from physical face to face gatherings to webinar conference.

Due to current events and the limitations that COVID-19 has had on public gatherings many churches across South Africa have decided to livestream Sunday services, prayers and acts of worship. Churches are the most attended places of gathering with some having attendance of over one thousand people per service.

Redeocol Music Lounge managed to adapt by offering live streaming for events to minimize the probability of postponements and changing of schedules and so far we are surviving.
We are also doing our best on virtual weddings and conferences to become our specialty.