We are very competitive in service delivery. Our training to workers has proved to be attractive to many firms that engage with our trainees. We take our Clients seriously and deliver services to the best of our ability. Quality is assured and we revise our strategies and approach constantly. We are guided by revised standards, such as King3 and other procedures relevant to the Musical and Instrument fields. We partner with reputable firms and make use of advisors to continuously improve on our services.

Functions Hosting

⦁ We offer Instrument equipment for different functions for different institutions and organisations. Instruments provided are tailored to suit the needs and requirements of the function.
⦁ All we need is the number of delegations that will be attending the specific function and the type of event to be hosted
⦁ In specific schools and areas, we host music competitions to identify talent and nature it, creating a platform for the less privileged and exposed
⦁ We will host opening and closing functions for institutions and organisations that have such functions, were we have a series of activities that can be offered to such organisations but only available as per Clients request.

Sound System Hiring

⦁ We hire sound systems to organisations, individual who are having functions like (Church services, conventions, weddings, birthdays, gigs, music festivals and much more.
⦁ The sound system provided varies from small, medium to large gatherings
⦁ Clients can hire any type of instrument that they require for the specific function
⦁ The Instruments are transported to the area of call, but at an extra charge. Clients have the option of ferrying and returning the instruments that they hire
⦁ Depending on the type of venue, nature of event and the audience in attendance, we have solution specialists that will advise on the various sound options available to the Clients

Talent or Career Development

⦁ We understand that there is so much Talent in our communities, and all that is required is proper development for such
⦁ We have programs that are designed to identify talent in different communities
⦁ Once Talent is identified, we run developmental programs to nature and grow the talent. The talent should be outstanding talent and the identified individual should be willing to be developed
⦁ We also create platforms for such individuals at various levels to ensure that such individuals are not limited in exposure

Sound System Settings and Design

⦁ We also understand that wrongly set sound systems can result in an irritating sound output
⦁ Not only will sound not be pleasant, but most of the times the instrument’s durability will be greatly reduced as a result
⦁ We therefore offer specialised services to various institutions in sound settings. We have music architects that analyse the venues, and draw instrument staging for the best sound output.
⦁ We only do the full settings for any digitised or passive setups on invitation or request
⦁ For also specialise in abstract buildings like stadiums, huge auditoriums etc, and have professional designers for such setups and many others

Photography and Live Streaming

⦁ We also understand that an event without memories is nothing but a regrettable one; therefore we also offer photography and live streaming services.
⦁ -We do photography during events (weddings, birthday parties, graduations, funerals etc), personal and family photo shoots.
⦁ Live streaming on Face book for online events (conferences, music concerts)

Band Promotions

⦁ Within the music industry we also have noted that there are some upcoming music bands that are lacking exposure
⦁ Band promotions consist of activities lined up to promote the upcoming bands and to promote them resource wise
⦁ Promotions can be done in malls, schools, community and other platforms that are accessible
⦁ Promotions are not only confined to the musical bands, but also to specific brands of companies. The platform to do shows will be made available for promotional reasons. The specific companies, may decide on a theme of the function or show, then we spice the theme with music and performance

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