Basics of Piano lessons

Redeocol Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to guide your children towards positive activities that will help them navigate life and to become better people. The world is full of adults who wish that they had been encouraged to learn piano as a child.


Improved Brain Development

It takes focus and dedication to learn an instrument and progressing through the levels is very satisfying. This has a positive influence on many other areas of your child’s life including school, sports and social activities.

Practicing Piano Improves Their Motor Skills

They say practice makes perfect, and this applies not just to the skill of actually playing the piano, but to the ability to sit and focus on one task without getting distracted, particularly when it becomes challenging.

Redeocol Piano Lessons
Piano lessons by Redecol music

Improving your personality and social skills

Having the ability to play the piano to family and friends and receive praise also helps to raise confidence in children. High self-esteem is strongly linked to higher levels of happiness and achievement in adults. Kids with higher levels of self-esteem are also more likely to take on tasks that are perceived more challenging and so are more likely to expand their skills and abilities as they grow.

Improved Aural Awareness

Playing the piano trains you to recognize tones, intervals, and chords as well as helping you to develop a sense of pitch


Above all advantages, Redeocol Studio has been offering Piano lessons during this lockdown, helping to keep children occupied. The lessons are personalized, Its 1 on 1 lessons ensuring personal attention,
We follow Covid19 protocols during lesson.
• Every machine is sanitize before use and after use. Mask are kept on at all times.
• Provision of handwashing facilities and sanitizer’s, particularly at entrances and exits.
• We clean all touch points at least once a day (more regularly where required) and daily cleaning of all other areas.