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Our Company

REDEOCOL MUSIC LOUNGE is an events entertainment oriented company offering a broad range of professional musical instruments, photography services, Live streaming and related services. We house a lot of professionals within the company ranging from Instrument players, singers, Sound Engineers, Technical team members for the live streaming, music producers, vocal trainers, stage managers, music directors, photographers for photo shoots and music consultants.

Our wealth lies in the combined technical know-how and collective experience of our team members who individually have successful track records in their areas of speciality. We believe in working in close co-operation with our clients to deliver an outstanding and professional service to meet their business, social or entertainment needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is simply to be a professional musical or instrument service provider that clients can rely on to deliver on their requirements at all times

⦁We recognize that there are other similar service providers in the market. We will carve our own niche by consistently delivering on our promise to clients, professionally, ethically and through the application of proper musical or company principles, procedures and systems.

Our Mission

⦁Our mission is to earn the trust and respect of our clients by providing them innovative and cost- effective musical or instrument solutions, photography to meet identified needs.

What Makes Us Different

Cost of Services

Our costs are generally affordable as compared to most of the music service offering companies. We still deliver quality “A” grade services to our clients at those affordable rates. Even though prices are revised periodically, we make sure that the client is comfortable and happy before finalising any costs. This revision will be entirely based on mutual agreement between the concerned parties.


We do not compromise on our services and all assigned employees that are in our team are trained and accredited for the work they do. Their services are revised periodically. Employees are certified and they are monitored on a daily or duty basis by Team leaders. Our employees are well versed and hold high ethical standards.


We as REDEOCOL Musical and Instruments are passion driven. Our main focus in not money based. We enjoy what we do and we make sure that we execute our duties in a way that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We believe in efficiency, effectiveness, and target on customer satisfaction

We are very competitive in service delivery. Our training to workers has proved to be attractive to many firms that engage with our trainees. We take our Clients seriously and deliver services to the best of our ability. Quality is assured and we revise our strategies and approach constantly. We are guided by revised standards, such as King3 and other procedures relevant to the Musical and Instrument fields. We partner with reputable firms and make use of advisors to continuously improve on our services.

⦁ Develop collaborative value-adding and mutually-rewarding partnerships with clients.
⦁ Generate sound engineering and technical solutions to suite client’s specific needs and requirements.
⦁ Conduct business in an ethical and lawful manner and comply with all requisite professional codes of conduct and sound business practices.
⦁ To develop Talent and nature hidden Talent, bridging the gap of been under-privileged
⦁ Create a platform for Talent and be an aid to some in identifying their gift in musical calling
⦁ To unite institutions and organisations through music and entertainment

REDEOCOL Musical & Instruments is committed to the Total Quality Management. The objective is to supply a service into which quality is designed, built and maintained. A detailed and thorough assessment of the site and service needs will be conducted by an operational manager and Programme / Project manager. This will be signed as part of the service contract. Problem areas must be identified and rectified to ensure that the client is receiving the service requirements he desires. The operations manager and the client must have formal meetings on a regular basis where action plans are developed and acted upon.

The company has the muscles to execute required duties for any sized product or service offering. In the past we have attended to various sized projects varying from micro- enterprise to mega institution project offerings. We have back up Instruments, professional employees and any musical instrument that might be a requirement to the service offerings. Our strong networks with various mega sound and music shops, makes our service offering unique and manageable to any sized audience.


Address (Postal)

28 Hornbill Rd Meadowhurst Randburg

Contact Numbers

0788647868, 0118301940

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